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We are Parent's and Community Members!


"To protect our children’s innocence, privacy rights, and quality of education by supporting the family, and encouraging community involvement in their public school system.”

Who Are We?

Parents and concerned citizens.

As parents and concerned citizens who live here in Pasco County we believe that the job of our school system is to teach our children academics and to prepare them for success in college, career, and life and that schools not presume to know better than parents when it’s time to expose grade-schoolers to certain issues, especially those pertaining to sexuality and gender. We stand for the right that parents should have the opportunity to be informed about and to opt their children out of education that covers issues that do not pertain to basic academics. Not only do we believe it is wrong for our children to be exposed to these controversial "gender identity" issues at school, but science has found that gender ideology harms children!

  • We are a diverse group of community members with diversity also in our values and beliefs.
  • We are advocating for the rights of all parents, teachers, and students.
  • We are NOT advocating against any lifestyle.
  • We are NOT advocating against any child that may be struggling with gender identity or their sexuality. We are NOT trying to take away any resources available to them.
  • We believe each child deserves love, respect, and compassionate, evidence-based care.

Our Goal Is To Educate Every Parent In Pasco County

Every parent here in Pasco County needs not only to know the radical sexual agenda the Pasco County School District has implemented without parental consent or awareness but also the plans they've already implemented to hide facts about children from their parents:

  1. YOU deserve to know exactly what is happening!
  2. YOU will be empowered to stand up for Pasco County children.

We believe that these sensitive topics regarding sexuality should be handled within the home of each family. It is not the school district's job to decide what values and morals our children should have - that job belongs to parents. It is not the school district's job to encourage any sexual path to students. Schools are capable of teaching character building and anti-bullying without telling our children what they should and should not believe in regarding their sexual identity or preferences. Love and tolerance can be taught without encouraging children that it is possible to "change their gender" (scientifically an impossibility) or to adopt homosexuality as the path they should take in life. These tactics are a clear violation of every parents' right to rear their children in the way they believe is the best for them! These decisions should be made within the confines of each family according to each family's beliefs.

this should be of significance to every parent:

As it stands in the Pasco County School District right now, if your child decided he or she should proceed down the “transgender path” and told District staff that you wouldn’t approve, the District has developed a specific plan to deceive you about your child’s decision! Some teachers and staff in the District also provide students with referrals to outside agencies that deal with sexual issues, doing so without parental consent.

We believe that parents should be provided with all information about their children's sexual decisions and with information to outside resources, allowing the parents to decide what is appropriate for their children. We do not believe that information about sexual decisions or access to outside resources should be made available to children without their parents’ knowledge and consent for two reasons:

  1. It is not appropriate for the school district to undermine parental rights where sexuality is involved.
  2. It has been shown scientifically some resources and curriculum that may be offered can be more harmful than helpful.

We strongly believe that the Pasco County School District should install separate single stall restroom/changing rooms in every school where this might become an issue.

Pasco County, Florida

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